Edmund Lazarus

Managing Partner at EMK Capital

About Edmund

Edmund Lazarus is Managing Partner of EMK Capital an international private equity investment firm based in London. 

Before stepping into the professional world Mr. Lazarus studied at the University of Oxford. The University is the oldest in the english-speaking world and the second oldest in the entire world. At Oxford Edmund pursued a master’s degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. In 1989 he was elected President of the Oxford Union, the University’s renowned debating society where he hosted many famous speakers including Henry Kissinger and Ellie Wiesel. He graduated from Oxford with a 1st Class Degree in 1991. 

After graduation Edmund began his career as a strategy consultant for Bain and Company before moving into corporate finance and M&A at S.G. Warburg then at Merrill Lynch. Edmund then entered the private equity industry with Morgan Stanley Private Equity where he served as a member of the global investment committee. 

Edmund’s passion was building small and mid sized companies where high levels of growth could be achieved. He decided to be a founder of his own firm to pursue this vocation. In 2002, he Co-Founded Bregal Capital, he became Managing Partner in 2009. During his tenure at the private equity firm, Edmund led 15 investments and approximately £900 million of investment at cost. From here Mr. Lazarus decided to spin out from Bregal (with their full support) and found EMK Capital. In 2017 EMK raised its first £575m fund rapidly from some of the most experienced and prestigious limited partner investors in the private equity industry. 

About EMK Capital


EMK Capital has a specific phrase behind the letters “EMK”: Enterprise, Management, and Knowledge. The firm’s name and associated Mission Statement reflects its focus on entrepreneurial decision making to provide the best growth environment for its investee companies. EMK Capital takes pride in its commitment to gaining deep knowledge of the sub-sectors targeted for investment and investment in portfolio company management. 

Edmund Lazarus and his team take responsible investing seriously. They always look to achieve high standards of ESG or Environmental, Social, and Governance throughout all parts of their portfolio. EMK firmly believes that “improving ESG performance in our portfolio companies will lead to enhanced value creation by helping to capture opportunity and avoid risks that occur at the intersection of sustainability and commerciality.” 

Edmund Lazarus thinks that EMK is set apart from other mid-market competitors because of sustained high investment returns driven by growth. Over 27 track record investments (deploying €1.7bn at cost), EMK’s team has delivered four times multiple of cost with performance primarily driven by growth. Personally, Mr. Lazarus enjoys “deep participation in developing the strategies, actions, and leadership development needed to deliver the growth rates we target.”

Commitment to Public Service


Edmund has a great passion and commitment to public service. From 1992 – 2002 he served on the Westminster Council as the Chairman of Finance and Deputy Leader. He was nominated by the Mayor of London to serve as the Chairman of Finance of the London Development Agency from 2008 to 2012 and as Chairman of the London Green Fund from 2012 to 2016.

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