For a business to survive in any market, it must maintain an advantage over its competitors. The most effective method to achieve and maintain a sustainable advantage is often the most overlooked method. Optimizing business operations can play a pivotal role in edging a business ahead of the competition. Below are three actionable strategies for optimizing operations for any business.


  1. Maintain Consistent Quality

Whether a business provides a service or product, quality must be maintained while optimizing business operations. However, maintaining quality and decreasing waste is an effective method to improve business operations in itself. As referenced by The National Center for the Middle Market, reducing waste by reworking and reusing physical products, as well as refocusing wasted time in service-based businesses, can support significant growth for a business.


  1. Improve and Utilize Technology

Business processes develop over time, and because of this, most business processes do not adapt to new technologies very quickly. For this reason, leveraging existing and new technologies can boost a business ahead of its competitors. These technologies consist of automated emailing, newsletter creation, automated client reporting and dashboards, and customer relationship management (CRM) software and integrations. More details about some of these technologies can be found in this Entrepreneur article.


  1. Improve Customer Care

Most businesses, including large corporations, boast of their customer-centric philosophies, but do these businesses really put their customers first? Emphasizing great customer service sounds appealing, but actually providing dynamic and personalized customer service can not only improve business operations, but contribute to the growth of a business. When a business focuses solely on revenue growth, it can alienate itself from its customers. Customers are the reason for a business’ success, and making them happy will contribute to a thriving business environment.


Every business operates to earn money, and this is why many businesses lose sight of how they actually make money. Optimizing a business in its current state can lead to more sustainable and significant growth both in the short-term and long-term. The strategies discussed above are simple and effective methods of optimizing current business operations. While most businesses grasp at the latest technologies or strive to offer more products and services than their competitors, they often stifle their growth because these new strategies complicate and overwhelm their business operations. Optimizing current business operations can launch a business ahead of the competition.


Edmund Lazarus