Since there is always too much for a manager to do in a successful business, it is necessary to delegate tasks to members of their staff. How does a manager choose which people to delegate important jobs to?


Be Objective

It is inevitable that the manager will feel comfortable giving tasks to certain team members more than others. However, this should not be a factor when delegating a task. The person who is handed the job should ideally be the one who is most suited for the task.


Different Jobs Require Different Skills

Before a manager delegates, they need to carefully assess a candidate’s experience and abilities. A job that needs to be done quickly should be given to a worker who is known to get jobs done in a pinch. In some cases, there is no perfect fit for a job. In that case, the manager may need to compromise a bit. They can also use a delegated task to add to an already talented employee’s skill set.


Ask Questions

Before the manager delegates a job, they should ask themselves questions such as:

  • Does everyone on their staff have one task that they can use to improve their skills?
  • Is there anyone on staff who can be doing more than they already do?
  • Does everyone on the staff have a “toolbox” of different skills? If not, how can this be remedied?

It’s problematic if a manager is completing tasks that should be delegated. This is problematic because it means that the staff is not being properly trained, and they are not being encouraged to develop their skills. The more skills each staff member has, the easier it will be to delegate to them.


After the Job is Delegated

The manager should always be available if their delegate needs help with a project, and the staff should not be required to take on too much work. Eventually, the manager will know what too much work entails after working with their staff for a period of time.


If the Manager Has to Delegate Quickly

If there’s a job that needs to be done in a hurry and the manager doesn’t have time to thoroughly assess their staff, they should pick the person who has the most experience with regards to the task.


Edmund Lazarus