Whether it be from a merger or a promotion, there are several ways in which you might find yourself managing a new team of people. Whatever the reason, gaining the trust of a new team of people is a challenging prospect for many. Thankfully, you are not the first person to find yourself in this position, and there are tips for managing a new team.



When it comes to managing a new team, you either pay upfront, or you pay later, so it’s better to pay upfront. Take the time to get to know your team before launching into trying to achieve goals. Ask them questions like how the team fits in with the firm’s overall strategy and goals, how their performance is evaluated, strengths and weaknesses of the group, and anything else you deem essential. As a manager, you are part of the team too, and even though you’re in charge, you’re still the new person. Taking the time to prepare and learn the ins and outs of the new team will go a long way in building trust.


Keep an open door

When it comes to communication, too much is far preferable to too little. In the early days of managing your new team, it’s better to have more structure, touchpoints, and check-ins, even if it seems like time is better spent elsewhere. Keep an open-door policy for your team to communicate with you. There has rarely been a situation where an employee felt their manager was communicating with them too much.


Celebrate the team

It’s important to remember that your team existed before you and accomplished things before you joined. Take the time to learn what these things are and commend the team on their accomplishments. This will give you a better understanding of your team’s strengths and history and further ingratiate yourself to them. It will show the team you care about their success and create a tradition of celebrating it- it’s proven that teams that have their wins marked work harder and accomplish more.


Managing a new team is a tricky proposition, as you are expected to be the leader while simultaneously being the latest member. But through preparation, communication, and celebration, you can quickly establish yourself as a trustworthy manager and lead your team to new success.

Edmund Lazarus